The Ninth Imaging Session

These shots were taken 9 September 1999 at f/10. The detail is scant as usual, but about as much as you can expect at prime focus. Each pixel is about 10 um, representing about 1.6 arc seconds at 1250 mm. Even the Great Red Spot is only about 8 arc seconds wide, so it's naturally hard to see any cloud details in these images. The Saturn shot only reveals the planet's shadow on the back edge of the rings.

This will be my last pair of shots at prime focus for the planets. I think for any other shots, I'll have to use eyepiece projection to get a reasonably sized image. I did figure out an easier way to locate the planet on the screen; first defocus it and turn up the gain on the camera—the diffraction image is much larger and easier to catch.

Copyright (c) 1999 Brian Tung