The Fourth Imaging Session

I had just gotten my solar filter, and this is my first shot of the sun through it, again with the QuickCam. I think this picture did capture the lighter penumbra surrounding the dark center of each of the two main sunspots, but you can't see the much smaller (about one-tenth the diameter) minor sunspots surrounding these two. North is to the top, and these spots is slowly rotating toward the center of the sun's disc (to the right in this picture). Given that the sun was less than 15 degrees above the horizon when I took this shot, I think the contrast is pretty darn good.

This here is my first intelligible shot with eyepiece projection through my fairly newly acquired tele-extender. North is again toward the top, and Mare Crisium is at the bottom. Detail is poor, but I think that was due to the iffy seeing more than anything else. The moon was at about 45 degrees altitude, but there was about a 50 percent cloud cover, in addition to mediocre seeing.

Copyright (c) 1998 Brian Tung